1-PEP_0962I’m an Assistant Professor of English at Utah State University, where I research and teach early modern and eighteenth-century British literature. I received my Ph.D. in 2016 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, having completed a dissertation on the relationship between theater and finance in London in the decades following the 1688 Revolution Settlement.

My work brings together elements of economic history, performance studies, theater history, and media studies. This interdisciplinary approach animates a set of broader research concerns with historical imagination, media specificity, and problems of scale. As the textual and archival objects of theater studies are remediated—as playgoers’ diaries become performance records in a reference book, as playbills become entries in a database, or as comedies and tragedies become plain-text files in a digital corpus—what new forms of inquiry become possible, and what is lost? These are questions I am pursuing through an active engagement with the field of digital humanities.