March 2023

Data is Plural: The Podcast

I had the great fun of talking with journalist Jeremy Singer-Vine about the data detective story behind the London Stage Database.

December 2022

Nightingale Magazine

Members of the Data Visualization Society did amazing, playful, thought-provoking things with the open datasets from the London Stage Database.

March 2022

R/18 Collective: Interview with the Author

Lisa Freeman and I talked about my book, Speculative Enterprise, and about R/18’s efforts to reactivate the long-eighteenth-century theatrical repertoire for twenty-first-century audiences.

May 2021

UO Today

I sat down with Paul Peppis, director of the Oregon Humanities Center, to talk about my new book and doing digital humanities at University of Oregon.

October 2019

The Economist

Data journalist James Tozer used the London Stage Database and UK Theatre Web to compare trending Shakespearean performances in the 18th century and the plays that dominate the stage today.

April 2018

Access Utah: Meaning and #MeToo

I had the privilege to participate in a panel discussion on the #MeToo movement hosted by the Philosophy department, after which my fellow panelists and I were guests on UPR’s morning program.

April 2017

Access Utah: Revisiting Jane Austen

Utah Public Radio host Tom Williams, Professor Brian McCuskey and I riffed on Jane Austen’s place in popular culture and the absolute bloodbath happening under the surface of every tea party. (Link directs to a repeat airing of the episode a year later)