ENG 410: Digital Storytelling

Graphic of an open book laying on its spine, with binary code pouring out of it.

An introduction to narrative theory and its applications to the study and practice of new media storytelling.

ENG 645: Science, Colonialism, and Empire

A graduate seminar on Restoration and eighteenth-century literature and culture.

ENG 105: Intro to Drama

A core education course introducing students in all fields of study to the major features of dramatic literature.

ENG 470: Technologies and Texts

The project-based capstone to the English department’s Digital Humanities minor.

ENG 250: Literature and Digital Culture

The gateway to the Digital Humanities minor and an opportunity to develop (or deepen) a critical orientation toward digital technologies and new media.

ENG 205: Plague Literature

Cover art for an album by Daithi. Photorealistic line drawings of two people facing one another, one wearing a surgical mask over her nose and mouth, the other in the process of lowering or raising his own mask, nose and mouth exposed.

A genre studies approach to literary works on epidemic disease, from the bubonic plague to COVID-19.